Town Council

Mayor John Vetter
Council President Steven K. Rogers
Councilman Martha Cromwell
Councilman Shirley Youmans
Councilman Nadine Stokes
Councilman Myra Sherman
Town Clerk Marjorie Stroup
Town Attorney Randolph Klein
333 NW 3rd Ave
Ocala, FL 34475
(352) 732-7750
Town Auditors Crippen, Trice, Ford, Torres, LLP
1900 SE 19th Ave
Ocala, FL 34471
(352) 732-4260
Town Council Meeting Minutes:

Town Council Meeting Agenda:

Dec 7, 2023

If you wish to be on a future meeting agenda, please Contact Us via our web form. The deadline is the Last Thursday of each month for the next month’s meeting?

Town Councilman to Contact Concerning:

Sheriff’s Dept/Help Martha Cromwell (352) 525-0326
Code Enforcement John Vetter (727) 742-1262
Road Work/Street Maint. Shirley Youmans (352) 425-0756
Street Lights Nadine Stokes (352) 591-1422
Budget/Finance Steve Rogers (352) 284-1866
Animal Control Nadine Stokes (352) 591-1422
Zoning John Vetter (727) 742-1262
Recreation Areas Myra Sherman (352) 572-1488
Health Myra Sherman (352) 572-1488
Trash Pickup Shirley Youmans (352) 425-0756
Comprehensive Plan Martha Cromwell (352) 525-0326
Emergency Management Steve Rogers (352) 284-1866